“St. John’s is real people who worship and serve Jesus Christ with no frills. Warning: A life of service is not for the fainthearted.” -Pastor Jon


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St. John’s serves our city in mission and unity.

We warmly invite you to join us this Sunday for worship.

Experience the Spirit and the Strength  of our inclusive community.


St. John’s Presbyterian Church

5020 West Bellfort Avenue, Houston, TX 77035
Live Service Every Sunday at 11am
Find meaning and understanding in a church with a heart as big as Houston.
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Welcome to a place where ordinary ends and adventure begins …
On a Quest?

You’re not just breathing—you’re here for a reason.
Find your purpose in action.
Got Flaws?

So does the sky, and it still dazzles.
Discover grace in abundance.
Looking for Your People?
Hands in. Let’s do this together.
Here, love is our language.
Battling Storms? 
Even the ocean envies our peace.
Find solace in the storm.
Ready to Rewrite Your Story? 
Don’t just turn the page—write a new book.
Witness transformation in motion.
We are a kaleidoscope of backgrounds, beliefs, and stories,
joining forces in faith and friendship to navigate the waves of life together as disciples of Jesus Christ.
Learn more about St. John’s Presbyterian Church in Houston by reading our book: Healing Happens Here.
Join us for worship this Sunday at 11 AM
 Serving Houston and the world since 1956